Technology Unravels the Mysteries Around Us

Thanks to the advances in science we can now study creatures from the deep in the laboratory. Using these and myriad other modern technologies, scientists may have discovered a new kind of predator-prey relationship: Kleptopredation. Their hypothesis is there can be more to the predator-prey relationships than just predator-eats-prey.

Plastics Make Space Exploration Possible

Add supplying a soft landing to the next Mars Rover to the long list of things Nylon and Kevlar protects. An improved parachute, based on the design that delivered the current Mars Rover to the Martian surface, was successfully tested recently. The chute, made up of 100 pounds of Nylon and Kevlar deployed 26 miles above the earth at a maximum falling speed of 1,370 or Mach 1.8 before safely landing its payload in the Atlantic ocean. The parachute will be used in 2020 for NASA’s next mission to Mars.