The Trend

Natural gas is making the integration of renewable sources of power into the electric grid possible.

Solving Intermittency

Solar and wind power are intermittent sources of energy. That means they can’t produce consistent power 24/7, which poses a unique challenge for the electric grid which needs a steady supply of electricity to ensure reliability. In other words, wind and solar power need backup capacity. Natural gas power plants are uniquely suited to fill that role.

The Perfect Partner

Traditional power plants, like coal or nuclear, aren’t designed to quickly ramp up and ramp down the power they generate. Natural gas plants, on the other hand, can do just that, making them a perfect partner for intermittent wind and solar power. Natural gas plants provide on-demand power that can be quickly dispatched to ensure a steady flow of electricity.

Making Renewable Energy Possible

Some have found that as the share of natural gas on the electricity grid increases, there’s also an increase in the share of renewable energy. Natural gas power plants help make wind and solar power possible.