Plastic and Technology Watch Over the Smallest Patients

A hospital in Atlanta is one of the first to use “smart bottles” to help monitor the progress of their tiniest and frailest patients in the neonatal intensive care unit. The bottle, a medical device approved by the FDA, transmits information, in real-time, including detailed graphs and charts, which provide clinicians with objective information regarding the baby’s feeding habits.

Plastic Protects

The protective properties of modern plastics extend to protecting a GoPro camera from 1,100 degrees Fahrenheit lava. Throughout the ordeal, the camera filmed the molten rock’s approach, immersion, and eventual release.

Plastic Protects

Thanks to, according to the manufacturer, the ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, glass fiber and Spandex fibers in these gloves are four-times stronger than leather while being much thinner and more flexible. The result is a stretchable, bendable kitchen aid that resists cuts and nicks.