Innovation is in the Pipeline

Safe and Reliable

Petroleum shipped by underground pipelines safely reaches its destination 99.999% of the time. As awesome as that is, industry’s goal is 100%. This culture of safety performance stretches across America’s 215,000-mile liquid pipeline network.

Taking High Tech to New Heights

Pipelines use innovative technologies for monitoring and for optimizing performance. Sensors, drones and other sophisticated equipment allows pipeline engineers to see what’s going on 24/7 and to maximize response times.

‘Smart Pigs’

Engineers use a tool known as a “smart pig” that travels inside a pipeline and uses sound waves, collecting terabytes of data, to confirm the pipe’s condition.

X-Ray Vision

During pipeline construction, the welds joining sections of pipe are X-rayed to ensure the weld’s integrity.

Ending ‘Energy Disparity’

We need more pipeline infrastructure so that all parts of the country benefit from America’s energy revolution. An “energy disparity” exists in some places, such as New England, where consumers are under-served because there’s not enough pipeline capacity, especially during peak winter months.

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