Intelligent Pigs

Diagnostic tools traveling inside pipelines scan the walls with technologies similar to an ultrasound to locate even the most microscopic of cracks. They’re part of the reason operators are able to prevent incidents before they occur.

Science Makes Music

Scientists at the Center for Music Technology at Georgia Tech have developed a way to use ultrasound that is sensitive enough to detect minute muscle movements within an amputee’s residual limb that allow the wearer to control individually their flexible plastic prosthetic fingers to play the piano.

Innovation Makes a Robot Sweat

A robot created by researchers at the University of Tokyo not only shares anatomically accurate musculoskeletal structures, including spinal joints and body mass proportions similar to humans, it also sweats to cool itself during heavy exertion. No word on whether it dislike crunches and burpees as much as most human do.

Plastic and Technology Lessen the Pain of Diabetes

Plastic is helping to lessen the pain of managing diabetes by using small, smart plastic biosensors that monitor blood sugar without a needle.