Hello School Year!

It takes a lot of energy to go back to school.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, right? Sending your child to school for their first day pulls equally at the heart strings and wracks the nerves of every parent. Luckily, you can rest assured that their child’s day will be powered with excitement and creativity thanks to natural gas and oil.

Where had the summer gone? It seemed like only yesterday they were bouncing up and down excitedly for sweet summertime, and now they’re jumping up and down excitedly ready to meet up with their classroom friends.

Thinking of their youngest, she’d spend the day playing with other kids, breaking in the new 64-count crayon box set he’d gotten her, and showing off the plastic Moana lunchbox she picked out at the store last week to match her backpack.

For years other parents said, “Soak up these moments. She’ll be in school before you know it.” When he was keeping a toddler from throwing her drink on the ground in a restaurant full of strangers, it seemed like that day would never come. Well, the day had arrived and before he knew it, she’d be graduating high school.

$27 billion in sales were made last year on back-to-school supplies, many of which are made with natural gas and oil

About 4 million U.S. kids enter kindergarten each year – their education and creativity supported by petroleum products

Crayola makes nearly 3 billion crayons each year with the help of petroleum

Maybe she would follow in his footsteps and become a scientist. She always enjoyed the little experiments he’d conjure up at the house—especially the Mentos in Diet Coke trick. That was her favorite. Following the science path could be great for her considering STEM jobs are rising across the country.

But what was he thinking? She’s only 6! The only thing she’d be worried about is when was recess.

As they got the children ready for school, he pulled her back at arm’s length and did one last check of her school supplies: crayons, markers, pencils, spiral notebook, eraser, kid-safe scissors, glue stick, and her lunch box packed with a ham and cheese sandwich in a plastic baggie, a fresh Georgia peach, and a cookie from the bakery downtown.

He pulled her tight for one last hug before letting her go. She dashed out of his arms and trotted towards the bus, ready to start this new adventure head on. As she was about to walk through the door, she turned around and gave a beaming smile and a wave goodbye.

This was a big day for her and a milestone for him, but he knew that it was just a first of many memories the two of them would share. Nothing can replace the relationship between a father and his little girl. He waved back as his munchkin walked through the door and into a new chapter of her life.

Natural gas and oil: Powering the moments that matter.