Candy-Fueled Energy Use

Did you ever wonder about the energy equivalent of candy? Well, the Department of Energy has created this helpful “Energy Calculator” that estimates, for example, how many candy corns are equivalent to the average annual household energy use – 11,010,000.

Confectionery Horsepower

One Calorie equals 4200 Joules. A Joule is a standard unit of measurement for work or energy used in electricity. So 2kg of your favorite Halloween candy would be 39 million Joules. Enough to:

That’s a lot of energy!

Technology Launches Unused Candy

Too much candy corn on November 1? You’re in luck – use this wrist-mounted 3-D printer created launcher to send the leftovers far, far away.

Energy Moves Robotic Pet

Move over headless horseman and hello headless kitty. This headless, legless faux fur feline does have a wagging tail on demand.