Graduation Day

Graduating takes lots of energy. The energy to power your morning, your ride, your walk to the finish line.

Maybe you didn’t see it coming – that at the end of the long schooling process there’d be a little lump in the throat and a funny feeling in your stomach – an uneasy thrill in realizing that the chapter just ending might be one of those “forever” moments. What’s the lyric from Selena Gomez’ “Revival”? “I’m reborn in every moment, so who knows what I’ll become …”

Infographic: natural gas and oil power the journey toward graduation

An End and a Beginning

Graduation Day. An end and a beginning; one of the times of our lives as we move from one milestone to the next. This series is about the events, people and places that form them. They’re your moments, your experiences – yet also shared by many. Whatever your specific story, natural gas and oil helps power and support the journey.

Graduation Day is a rite passage. There’s a sense of accomplishment and maybe some awe. You made it. Before putting your memories in a folder on Shutterfly, there’s a pause to reflect on your glorious, nerve-wracking Graduation Day.

Graduation Day

  • The Alarm Goes Off
  • Getting Ready
  • Parking
  • The Walk

The Alarm Goes Off

The alarm goes off on the big day, and for once you don’t snooze it. A perfectly pressed outfit and gown hang in the closet. Every day has been a step toward this one. And now it’s here. A long, hot shower, followed by a burst of cold water, because someone wrote somewhere that it helps the immune system. Yay, science!

getting ready

Getting Ready

Dressing, the mind races: Is dad going to wear that crazy Hawaiian shirt, will the gown leave you sopping wet with sweat, is everything ready for the after party? Deep sigh. First, get to the ceremony on time.

Grab the smartphone, car keys and head out. Then the thought: Where’s the “survival kit” mom made? She’s texting a reminder just now. Dash back inside, find the meticulously packed, plastic baggie and hit the road.



Pulling into the event parking garage, there’s a spot right there. Thanks, graduation gods. That never happened on the morning of a big exam. Now walking, a little faster than normal, to find parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins all waiting outside the auditorium. Throw on cap and gown and start a photo session that would exhaust Kendall Jenner.

graduation caps

The Walk

Now The Walk. Everyone’s seated, the graduates line up, and the music starts. “Pomp and Circumstance,” of course. Nothing else would do, right? Seated, the phone lights up: 20% left on the battery. Impossible! The thing charged all night. Could we really have snapped that many photos paw-paw and grandmommy? Thankfully, there’s a rapid battery charger in the mom survival kit. What else is in there? A water bottle, peanut butter crackers, tissues, hand sanitizer, a travel-size vial of ibuprofen, a blow-up neck pillow. Mom either thought there would be nap time during the big speech or it was left there from her flight into town.

The row in front of you stands up, so you’re on deck. Checking placement of the tassel and wondering if they’ll mangle your name or if the names will be in the right order. Now your row. Off to the side, 15 people are smiling and waving furiously. How long have they been waving? No place to hide.

At the stairs to the stage. You’re up. You walk and pray the group of 15 doesn’t scream, shout or whistle. You clutch the rolled-up diploma and grin for the paparazzi. Then back down the stairs to the anonymity of your seat.


You did it! You’re early in the alphabet, so there’s time to revel in your new grad status, enjoy the provisions from the survival kit and zone out. What a day! It takes a lot of energy to be reborn. Good luck in the next chapter, graduate.

Natural gas and oil help power the moments that matter.