The Future of Air Travel: Going Hypersonic

Imagine being able to fly from LA to New York in an hour. A rare material could make this possible. Engineers from NASA are investigating how to build planes capable of traveling at speeds in excess of 4,000 miles per hour – which requires materials that must be able to withstand extreme high heat, while also being structurally stable and lightweight.

Energy and Technology are Arming the Next Generation of Jet Fighter

The future success of aerial combat might depend on who has the best laser rather than the largest gun. The Defense Department awarded a long-term contract this week to advance the Air Force Research Lab’s Self-protect High Energy Laser Demonstrator or SHiELD program. Today’s lasers not only take up a lot of space they also require a lot of energy. Developing a laser system small, energy efficient and light enough to fit on a fighter jet, while powerful enough to disable or destroy enemy aircraft is the program’s goal.