The Trend

U.S. carbon dioxide emissions today are at 25-year lows even as the size of our economy has tripled over the same period. Falling carbon dioxide emissions from the electricity sector have led the way and now are at their lowest level since 1988.


Natural Gas Leading The Way

Greater use of natural gas for U.S. electricity generation is the leading factor in reducing carbon dioxide emissions from the power sector. Utilities have turned to low-cost, abundant and clean natural gas which today powers nearly one in three American households. Natural gas also produces just half the carbon emissions of coal.


Delivering Lower Emissions

As use of coal has fallen, and reliance on natural gas has grown, carbon emissions have tumbled. From 2005 to 2017, the amount of natural gas consumed for electricity generation grew by more than 56 percent. Natural gas is now the leading fuel for U.S. electricity generation.