Artificial Intelligence is Built on Modern Polymers

In the last few years, semi-autonomous robot technology capable of learning has taken off. Whether it is a cuddly dog-like robot that learns commands and its owner’s mood like a live dog or “bionic ants” with the ability to identify objects, recognize its terrain and work cooperatively with other nearby “ants” to navigate and solve complex tasks, it is clear that this technology will play an ever-increasing part of our lives.

Technology Drives Smarter, Faster More Mobile Robots

The ability to miniaturize electronic components and develop and refine lighter, stronger and more flexible fibers and plastics are the driving forces behind advances in modern robotics. From electric bees that can not only fly, but swim, swarm and someday pollinate, to a much improved, if not vaguely off-putting four-legged robot that can run, jump and pick itself up when it falls, the ability, and variety of today’s robots would seem like science fiction just a few years ago.

Innovation is Revolutionizing Bridge Building

This 3-D printer takes the art and science of constructing a bridge to another level. The 3-D printer arms will finish/print the stainless bridge, onsite, by using two printer arms mounted at the base.