Powering the Economy – Trade & Infrastructure

Surging domestic natural gas and oil production is making the U.S. a major energy exporter. The U.S. could be the global leader in LNG exports by 2022, according to the International Energy Agency.

Growing U.S. LNG exports could add up to $73 billion to the U.S. economy by 2040 and support between 220,000 and 452,000 additional American jobs, according to a study.

Infrastructure links America’s energy wealth and consumers. Building infrastructure systems, including pipelines, storage facilities and other projects could support an average of up to 1.4 million U.S. jobs through 2035.

Free trade agreements foster market efficiencies that help bring affordable energy to America’s trading partners. Thanks to free trade, Mexico and Canada are top importers of U.S. natural gas, oil and refined products.