Powering Manufacturing – Health & Safety

Versatile natural gas and oil are a modern necessity – as fuels and as the building blocks for countless products used every day. They help make life healthier, safer, more comfortable and more enjoyable.


Heart stents – advanced versions are sheathed in a thin, flexible layer of polyethylene terephthalate made from petroleum – offer a remedy to the up to 1.5 million Americans who suffer from a narrowing of their heart’s aortic valve.

Materials derived from natural gas and oil accounted for 332 pounds (8 percent) of a new car’s weight in 2015 – up from less than 20 pounds in 1960. This lowered overall vehicle weight, which helped reduce U.S. air pollutants 73 percent between 1970 and 2016.


Air bags made from nylon – produced from chemicals found in crude oil – reduce the risk of dying in a direct, frontal car crash as much as 30 percent. Almost 40,000 lives were saved during the air bag’s first 25 years as required equipment, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.


Advanced fabrics and fibers made from natural gas and oil go into flexible, fire- and heat-resistant gear used by more than 1.1 million firefighters in the United States.