Powering Innovation – Exploration

An array of technologies and innovations make natural gas and oil exploration more precise than ever before, including advanced listening devices to detect fractures in reservoir rock as well as an understanding of the physics of rocks to better predict well performance.

Data analytics increasingly guide industry operations, from exploration and development to refining. Operators can crunch data to determine the safest, most productive ways to develop, transport and process natural gas and oil.

Drones and robots allow easier access to difficult or remote operational areas to monitor and inspect equipment, collect data, and provide needed information in real time with less risk to workers.

Sound waves and processing technologies, inversion modeling and imaging algorithms help map subsurface conditions – on and offshore – to bring greater accuracy to exploration and production and minimize surface footprint.

Water management is focused on using less fresh water for hydraulic fracturing operations. Some companies use brackish water or wastewater, while others have invested in filtration and other processes to reuse water that is produced during well completions.