Oil Gushes Art

From paint to records to cameras, petroleum makes the things that make us creative. And by manufacturing these tools, natural gas and oil help us express ourselves with modern art. *


Oil Strikes a Pose

Odds are, something you’re wearing right now is made from petroleum. That’s because it’s used to make everything from clothes to makeup to fragrances. So from the catwalk to your closet, natural gas and oil are key components to pushing fashion forward. *


Oil Explores Space

Advanced fuels make modern travel possible, from long-range intercontinental flights to space exploration. But natural gas and oil aren’t just pioneering new frontiers—they’re doing it more efficiently than ever. *

Oil Provides Shelter

New housing projects in Kenya use polystyrene, a by-product of oil and gas, to build lightweight homes that are insulated to keep the interior cool in the desert heat. The homes use very little water to build, protecting a valuable resource.