Advanced fuels make modern travel possible, from long-range intercontinental flights to space exploration. But natural gas and oil aren’t just pioneering new frontiers, they’re doing it more efficiently than ever.


Natural gas and oil play a critical role in space exploration, from getting us into space on SpaceX’s Falcon 9 fueled by RP-1 (a kerosene fuel) to powering the Space Shuttle with liquid hydrogen fuel that is often produced from natural gas. *

Leaving Earth is just part of the role we play. Recent studies indicate that plastic shielding made from chemicals derived from crude oil is more effective at protecting spacecraft from radiation in space than metal shielding.


The space suits worn by astronauts are made of many natural gas and oil products. From the polycarbonate helmets to the multiple layers of nylon, spandex and urethane-coated fabrics in astronauts’ protective gear, natural gas and oil play a key role in keeping space explorers safe. *