The Air Up Here

We have cleaner air today thanks to increased use of clean natural gas, cleaner transportation fuels and advanced technologies that have allowed America to produce more energy with a smaller environmental footprint.

Natural gas is the leading source of electricity for power generation in America, providing a cleaner and more reliable power source for everything from your cell phone to your coffee pot to E-commerce.

Natural Gas

Because we’re using more natural gas for power generation, we’re also leading the world in reducing carbon dioxide emissions. In the last decade, CO2 emissions from power generation have decreased ___ thanks to the abundance of American natural gas and its use across our economy.

25%. Growing use of natural gas as a fuel for electricity generation has helped lower emissions of CO2 from power generation 25 percent. By 2030, these emissions could drop nearly 30 percent from 2007 levels, primarily as a result of continued fuel switching to natural gas for generating power.

Natural gas is an essential partner to intermittent renewable energy sources. Acting as a stable back-up, natural gas fuels power generation when alternative sources waver. Natural gas has also helped better the environment and improve the health of every American.

Which of these products is made with natural gas?

All of the above. Everything from basketballs to aspirin to electronics is made possible by natural gas and oil. They’re the fuels and also the building blocks for countless products and technologies that make life modern and convenient – and help meet some of our greatest challenges.

We’re constantly researching innovative ways to make natural gas-fueled energy generation cleaner, with a smaller environmental footprint. This is why we’re investing in improving the environmental performance of our operations, facilities and products – nearly as much as the rest of the U.S.-based private industries combined.

Cars today run ____ cleaner than cars produced in 1970.

99%. The air you breathe is the cleanest of the modern era and continues to improve. The EPA reports that total emissions of the six criteria air pollutants in the United States have declined 73% since 1970, even as the economy grew 253 percent.

The U.S. now produces nearly all of the natural gas it uses. Five states accounted for about 65% of total U.S. dry natural gas production in 2016:
• Texas—24%
• Pennsylvania—20%
• Oklahoma—9%
• Louisiana—6%
• Wyoming—5%