Energy PowersLife

Natural gas and oil are helping build a better future – safer and more efficiently than ever before.

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Energy PowersInnovation


The future belongs to innovators, and natural gas and oil spur innovation in technologies and products today and tomorrow.

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Energy PowersProgress


Enhanced environmental performance in operations, facilities and products is a core metric for energy companies.

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Energy QuizTest Your Energy IQ

Thanks primarily to increased use of domestic natural gas, U.S. carbon dioxide emissions have decreased __ percent since 2005.

25%. Emissions are down 25% because of growing use of clean, abundant and reliable natural gas to fuel electricity generation. Natural gas was the leading fuel for power generation in 2016 and was on track to lead again last year.

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 Energy PowersHollywood

Director Joseph Kahn on what interested him about the project and what he hopes the commercials communicate.

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